Napa Infant Preschool Program

The Napa Infant Preschool (NIP) program provides a variety of free educational services to children age birth through five years, with suspected developmental delays and conditions which challenge their ability to learn.

Our staff believes in an emphasis on the “whole” child through a family focused approach, parents as active participants in their child’s education, a team approach to the delivery of services, cooperative community networking, and providing environments which address:

  1. How children learn
  2. How families can promote learning
  3. How children make and keep friends
  4. How children become more independent
  5. How children play
  6. How children talk and listen
  7. How children feel about themselves

The program staff includes:

  1. Special education teachers and assistants
  2. Speech therapists
  3. Physical therapist
  4. Occupational therapist
  5. Psychologist
  6. School nurse
  7. Family counselor
  8. Vision specialist
  9. Hearing specialist
  10. Bilingual support staff

Services include:

  1. Developmental assessments for eligibility and program planning
  2. Center and community based programs
  3. Individual or small group speech and language services
  4. Home visits
  5. Consultation with community preschool or childcare providers
  6. Family involvement activities
  7. Parent support groups
  8. Family education classes
  9. Coordination of services with other agencies
  10. Transition to school-aged programs

At no charge to you, we can help answer your questions and provide the services you need for your child.  It all starts with one phone call.  Contact us today.

Referrals for children birth to three years……….call 253-6914
Referrals for children three to five years……… 253-6850

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